Comfortable in your own skin


In today’s society I feel like there is so much pressure on girls/women and how they look. Women in magazines and even young girls are “fit”. They fall within a certain size category that not all women/girls fall into.

Growing up I was always involved in sports, which carried over into my college career. I never had to worry about what I was eating and how many days I was working out because I was constantly exercising and practicing for the sport that was in season. I vividly remember going to my apartment after basketball practice in college and eating from a tub of vanilla frosting for my “lunch”. I could never dream (yes, I could!), of doing this now because I don’t make time for myself to work out but also because it is absolutely not healthy… lol.

I have daily struggles with my image now. Not so much because I don’t work out as often as I’d like but because my confidence was striped from me when I was a sophomore in college. I was engaged to someone who went to school at USM and one night he told me that I was overweight and needed to run everyday and only eat salad for lunch and dinner. I couldn’t imagine how someone I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with could say such hurtful and harmful things to the person he loved. I broke the engagement off that year, but the damage by his words still haunt me today.

I have a daughter now. I wish I could count how many times I say, “Hi Beautiful”, “Good Morning Beautiful”, “Yes Beautiful”, etc. It is important to me that she grows up knowing that beauty comes from within and shouldn’t be judged by what your physical appearance looks like. Just as we preach to our students not to judge a book by its cover.

I still have some work to do, but I hope to one day not think about the one negative comment that I received about my appearance, and instead, celebrate that my body was blessed to give my husband and I two beautiful children.


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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

4 thoughts on “Comfortable in your own skin”

  1. I hear ya, Meg! I know I have had moments of ‘body shaming’ that usually started with the comments of others or the impossible expectations of society. Maybe it is because I am getting older and noticing that this shell is fragile and changing, that I realize it is not who I am. It is just the container. I need to feel comfortable and take care of my container so that it allows me to do what I need to in life. I regret the wasted time worrying about how others saw me. I hope for my own children that they are more aware and focused on the inside health and ‘beauty’, but I know they will face similar pressures. For the record, I think you are incredibly beautiful. Your heart and soul radiate beauty!

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  2. Another reason I am so happy to read blogs- especially from someone I know- you never know what you don’t see on a day to day basis. I feel your internal struggle. I too was engaged in college and he was also someone that would occasionally “shame” my appearance. (I still have issues with the words I heard from him- and/or throughout other relationships/friendships in my life.) You are such a beautiful woman inside and out and I am so thankful to know you and work with you! They way you treat your daughter (and your students!) is such a positive influence in their life and I guarantee they will always remember your face lighting up and the sweet words you spoke to them to give them the confidence and reassure they need.
    Lets get together- for lunch/drinks/gym- whatever! I’ve found that taking even just an hour to spend with other women in my life truly ups my attitude and confidence. Maybe it’s the laughing, the venting, etc. You know how alone I am- I’m always up for company! 🙂

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  3. Powerful and heartfelt. Who knew when comments could last almost forever?

    It’s taken 20+ years to truly believe my husband when he says I am the most beautiful woman in the world (or something like that.. part of me is still only half-listening because I’m so attuned to tuning out when he says something (always nice!) about my body. He has never, ever said anything negative, never, ever made me feel like the ugly slug I used to feel like.

    Twenty years. Now I take the time to appreciate what he tells me, and appreciate him.

    I wish you well on your journey. 🙂

    Great post, Beautiful!!

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