There could have only been 1


At this point, those of you who know me or have been following my posts lately, know that I have 2 kids. I have a son who is 6 and a daughter who turned 2 in November. If I had Mackenzie first, she would probably be an only child. Let me explain…

This is Carson. He is sweet, kind, considerate, funny, gentle and loving. My pregnancy with him was wonderful. I felt great. Walked on the treadmill everyday. Ate (fairly) healthy. Except for the last 2 weeks. I had ice cream Oops.Β 13775406_10103148759317939_8355506295199049069_n

Carson is also emotional and sensitive. He wants to make everyone happy and doesn’t like to get into trouble. He is so smart and absolutely loves school. He adores his sister (which I am sure will change one day). I couldn’t be more proud of who he is.

Then there is Kenzie. She, like Carson, brings me joy every single day. I couldn’t imagine my life without either one of them. They keep me busy and our lives interesting.

My pregnancy with her was not wonderful. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The first month I was nauseous. I would spend an evening making dinner for the three of us, only to sit down at the dinner table and attempt to bring food to my mouth and feel sick.

In the third trimester of my pregnancy I got a tummy bug. Fever, chills, no appetite. I couldn’t drink enough water. I ended up going to the hospital one night and had to stay to be monitored because Kenzie’s heart rate was all over the place due to my fever. That had me a little worried.

I missed a whole week of school. I was not enjoying this. As every pregnant mother feels towards the end, I Just wanted it to be over with. I had 2 false alarms when I would have contractions and think “this is it”. Only to get to the hospital and have the contractions stop and then go home again. One night after I was discharged, I hadn’t had a single contraction while in the hospital bed. As soon as my husband and I got outside of the hospital and started walking to the car, they started again. Are. you. Kidding. Me????

13882489_10103187961546359_6064736915736179750_nNov. 12th I had an ultrasound scheduled. This was also her estimated due date. I started having contractions at midnight and waited for as long as I could before going to the hospital at 5 a.m.

Baby girl made her appearance at 7:30 that night. Lots of things happened between the time I arrived and the time I had her though. For starters, I asked for an epidural and got it late morning. It didn’t seem to work like it had with Carson. I was still in a lot of pain and kept pushing the “extra” button that they give you if you need a little more to ease the discomfort. Nothing would work.

Fast forward to later in the evening. After many times asking for someone to check my back and see if the epidural was where it should be, they finally looked and saw that it had come out. Seriously?!?! I was now at 9.5 cm and they said they would do it again. I was so over this. After 15 minutes of pushing, Kenzie made her appearance.

The trouble doesn’t stop there. After I was discharged I had what we thought to be a blood clot by my knee. I had to have an ultrasound on my leg and was so emotional during the whole thing. The poor technician was so lovely and patient with me. It ended up being nothing to worry about.

Later in the week (haha, yes there is more), I had discovered that the doctors didn’t get all of my placenta after delivery. I was back in the ER and having ultrasounds to make sure medicine would take care of the possibility of infection. On top of all of this, I had a newborn at home and a 5 year old who needed their mom. And a husband who was so super supportive and helpful during the whole thing. I couldn’t imagine having to do it alone.

Thank goodness for a pleasant experience the first time around because I don’t think I would be blessed with two kids if Kenzie was first. πŸ™‚

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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

7 thoughts on “There could have only been 1”

  1. Wow, that is some pregnancy story! It sounds like it was trial after trial. At least you got a beautiful baby girl out of it. I love your use of periods for emphasis. It really made your voice pop out.


  2. That’s what my daughter-in-law said about her second child, but it wasn’t the pregnancy that made her say it. Clara is an active, determined two year old. The first one was so complacent. Glad all is well now.


  3. This could be me writing. My daughter was a challenge especially after her brother! It’s as if the Good Lord planned it this way. Hmm. I guess he did. Your daughter is adorable by the way.


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