It’s in My Blood.


From a teaching standpoint, March is one of my most dreaded of all months. It is the first month without holidays since November, we have parent/teacher conferences and we are all sick of winter by that point that we are begging for Spring to start.

What I do love about this month though, is March Madness (basketball). I have always played sports since I was in Elementary School. I was fortunate enough to also play when I went to college. Basketball is in my blood.

My basketball Family ❤

I miss the “family” I was part of while I was there. I miss pushing myself athletically and physically. I miss competing and really just having this be part of my life. I’m visiting with my parents today and my father and I are watching the games on t.v. Making comments about “bad shots” being taken and “where are the re-bounders?!”

I was fortunate enough to get back into the coaching part of basketball this year. I was hired as our middle school 8th grade girls coach. I forgot how much I loved coaching as well. It was a busy time of year, having my own two kids and teaching all day. But my husband was so supportive and he knew how much this meant to me. So he helped make it work.

I will never be able to play again myself, but I am so lucky to be able to give back to the young girls who have dreams about playing basketball themselves and teaching them what I know to help them be successful! 17309623_10103808212418639_4867907257823035955_n.jpg


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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

10 thoughts on “It’s in My Blood.”

  1. I LOVE March Madness! Do you follow a specific team? I am a Duke fan! Coaching is tough work but has many rewards!


  2. You are an excellent role model for the young girls and your two children. I see you eventually taking over as head coach in the future! Your work ethic, emphasis on skills and positive encouragement is what women’s basketball in our community needs! Thank you for your time and energy you put into coaching!


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