Perfect Imperfections


Too skinny. Too thick. Too old. Too young. Too many wrinkles. Too “white”. Why do women put themselves down so much? Why do we  put each other down? It happens enough with the opposite sex that coming from our own gender is just another put down. Don’t get me wrong, not all men and/or women think this way. But what I do know is that I am one of those women who think, “who is looking at me?”, “what are they thinking?”

I tend to wear clothing that is too big for me because I don’t want to show my imperfections. I have had 2 kids. Not all women who have kids keep their belly. They can go right back to the size they were before pregnancy. (I am jealous of you!) I have stretch marks, and “rolls” that I would love to not have.

Magazines portray women as being these thin things with no blemishes or marks on their body of giving life to another human being.

You will see sometimes, that I have negative feelings towards my image and that they are feelings I can’t avoid or “get over”. One of my slice’s this month was about my daughter and always wanting her to know how beautiful she is. I struggle with image myself and those “hard” days that I have make it difficult to be positive. Not towards her, towards myself.

I should be relishing in the fact that my body was healthy enough to give birth. To provide a safe “womb” for our children. I shouldn’t feel guilty about having that extra cookie or enjoying a fountain Pepsi (which is my favorite by the way)!

So what if I have stretch marks? Who cares that I don’t have a nice tan? Or that I have a little extra around the edges. My body isn’t perfect. But it’s my perfect imperfection. ❤

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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

10 thoughts on “Perfect Imperfections”

  1. I love your body and what you call “imperfections ” I see as evidence of a fully lived life. Carrying our children and giving them life. You may not think you’re perfect, but your perfect for Carson, Mackenzie and I:)

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  2. It’s crazy that we both wrote about this today- must be in the air. You are not only beautiful but you are one of the most caring and genuine people I’ve ever met!! You treat everyone with such respect and you are always so fun to be around because you are YOU. And you are so right- look at what your body gave you! And look what it still does for you- it allows you to be there for your children and teach other people’s children how to be just as kind as you are- while also teaching them things like don’t lick the floor! 😉 you are amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better co worker who also is such a great friend!


  3. As I’ve grown older, it’s been easier to understand that what really counts is inner beauty. Age takes a toll on everyone so if you haven’t developed your inner beauty, you’re sunk. Remember that when you’re feeling unsatisfied with your appearance and relax! I applaud this honest post.

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  4. You allude to one struggle I face as a father of three daughters…the struggle to help them see themselves as beautiful no matter what anyone says. It is also important that you bring up how women are portrayed in the media, as unrealistically formed and airbrushed. As a dad, I now look at that and recoil. Your post demonstrates a lot of confidence, confidence I hope my daughters will grow up to embody in their lives. Thank you for this courageous and important post!


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