Things I love

I love the dark. I love watching a movie at night without lights on and snuggling up on the couch with a soft blanket wrapped around me so that just my face is visible. My favorite movies are suspense/horror movies. Although I do have to cover my face during gruesome scenes or when I think I may get jumped by something in the movie.

I love ice cream. Anytime. Anywhere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! I would love to eat it everyday but try to be cautious about not doing that. I already “pay” for eating so much ice cream while I was pregnant with my two kids. My favorite is peanut butter from a local ice cream shoppe that just opened up for the season. I have already been there twice. Or is it three times?! 🙂

I love my family. I love the vacations that I get with my children by being a teacher. I love the summer months when we can plan a trip to the zoo or water park. I love taking them new places with my husband and watching their excitement. There is really nothing like the joy of watching your children enjoy something so much.

I love fountain Pepsi. Another “no-no” like my ice cream addiction. During a stressful day I find myself saying, “I can’t wait for a big Pepsi!” Although I try to talk myself out of it as I’m driving to the store. Like telling myself “I don’t need it. I should just go home and have water.” But really, there are many things that we don’t “need”.

I love working out. Wait- my mistake. It isn’t the working out that I love. I love how I feel after working out!

Most importantly, I LOVE being a mom and a wife. It is a crazy, busy life; but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

4 thoughts on “Things I love”

  1. Love all your loves! Great slice and I like this idea! 🙂 Can totally relate to many especially the time we get with our families and kids being a teacher. It’s such a great perk of the job to be able to spend those vacation weeks with our families.


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