A Perfect Match


I have been teaching for 10 years. Two of them in first grade, one year in second grade and the rest have been spent in kindergarten. While each of the grades have their pro’s and con’s, kindergarten is the perfect match for me.

At the beginning of every year though, I ask myself “Why do I teach kindergarten?!” I feel like pulling out my hair! My kids leave at the end of the year leaving as independent learners and I always forget what it is like when they come in the Fall.

I really don’t wonder why I teach kindergarten. The reasons are so obvious and rewarding.

  1. For some it is their first school experience and there is so much growth to be made
  2. They are excited about learning.
  3. They forgive and forget easily.
  4. They love you even if you have to be firm at times to get the point across.
  5. Using markers is a BIG DEAL!
  6. Smelly markers are even BETTER!
  7. They have the cutest and most innocent misconceptions at times.
  8. They say the darnedest things- example: When talking about things that come in pairs during a math lesson when I first started teaching kindergarten, “Mrs. Mattice, you have two “chestesis” – It took all I had to hold it together and I quickly responded with, “Yes, you are right. I have two shoulders!” 🙂
  9. You are the “best teacher” until they move on to the next grade.
  10. It isn’t uncommon for them to pass gas on the carpet and turn and laugh to a friend. (Let me clarify that I don’t enjoy this part, but it is one of those things that don’t happen in the older grades and students just ignore)
  11. They like to give hugs.
  12. I like to give them hugs.
  13. They call me mom at times and the look of “Oh no!” is just so cute when they realize what they have done.
  14. Some forget that you have to close the door when you go potty and as I turn the corner I see little cheeks that I have to quickly respond with, “uh oh, please close the door!”
  15. They have the ability to make my days seem short or long.
  16. Most importantly, most of them love school and I love being their teacher.

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I am a Kindergarten teacher and mother of 2. I also have a little hobby of making signs during my "free time". I have never blogged before and am anxious to see how this goes!

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Match”

  1. I’m not man enough to teach kindergarten (local joke–sorry), but I enjoy standing at a distance (from my third grade world) and watching it happen. Sometimes I’m a little jealous, but then I think about all the reasons I love 3rd. Thanks for a wonderful slice!

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  2. Totallly agree with you. So, so much to love about kindergarten! I’m a literacy coach, but I head down to the kinder wing frequently, just to get my fix of the little guys, and how excited they are about learning!


  3. I taught kindergarten for 11 years before moving to 1st grade. It’s hard to not have a good day in K with all of those adorable faces that love to learn and they totally say the best things! I thought I would miss K so much, and some days I do, but 1st graders are just as hilarious!


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