Phew- It’s Friday!!


Where do I even begin. PHEW is all I can say! I feel like today was a roller coaster and the kids were louder than usual and had a harder time following directions. I hate to get firm with them at times, but I feel like I have to in order for them to get themselves under control.

Today we had to be a couple of minutes late to phys ed because they were being silly and loud in line. Of course, there are some sweet friends who usually don’t contribute to the loud noise and chaos, but when I am not able to see who it is I have all of them sit down. I make sure to say, “I am sorry to those friends who were making good choices and being helpful. Please know that I know who you are.”

And on top of all of that, I was asked to do an extra outside duty. We are fortunate in our school, I feel, because we only have one duty a week in the morning. BUT, on a day that is already crazy and a little chilly, it was the last thing I wanted to do. A little fresh air was good for me though!

The day is now over, my kids are gone, and the sounds of “I’m telling!” or loud shrieks from the carpet area have subsided. I can take a deep breath and slouch in my chair for a couple of minutes until my son comes to my room from his classroom. Last weekend we had a pj’s night with take out and a movie. Tonight, we will do the same, only this time a little time with the hubby. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for being part of my first slicing experience!


A positive impact


I was unsure about this “slicing” thing when it was first introduced to me before March started. “I don’t have time” I thought, “I have never blogged before”, “what will it look like”? If you know me, you know that I have to have all of my ducks in a row before I usually agree to something. I need to know as much as I can about it, how much time it will take, yadda, yadda.

You can earn credit hours, they said. “Hmm, now perhaps this could work…” We are all in need of credit hours and will take them whenever and however (usually) we can, right?!

To my surprise, this experience has been much more than just earning those credit hours. It has opened my eyes up to the beautiful things around me and to reflect on events that I may not necessarily have reflected on had it not been for this March challenge.

My husband found out about my blog and started logging on and reading my posts. He loved finding out more about me, as he says. The things that I have blogged about this month aren’t really things that I thought about just bringing up in conversation with him. They are more my internal thoughts that I share with many strangers on here.

Reading slices from all of you has also made me more aware of my surroundings and to appreciate the things in life. Who cares that my appointment is 15 minutes late or that I can’t find the right pair of pants to wear with my shirt. At least I have health insurance that is affordable for my family so that I can get medical attention when I need it and I should be thankful that I have clothes to wear to keep me warm during these harsh winter months. Some are not as fortunate.

So I say “thank you” to the slicing world for helping contribute to this wonderful experience. I look forward to “slicing” now and then once this is over and can’t wait to start back up next March!

Never Enough


I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I am blessed with a wonderful and supporting husband, an amazing 6 year old son who loves everything about school and life and a 2 year old daughter who pushes every button she can possibly find, but has the heart of gold. With a 10-month old puppy added to this crazy life we have, our family is complete.

We bought a home 3 years ago and live less than 2 miles from the school that I work at. We have a big backyard with lots of space for our dog to run around and for our kids to play without the fear of being too close to the road. We are also fortunate enough that my in-laws watch our daughter and watched our son until he was school-age. That was a huge money saver! With all of these blessings in our life, my husband and I both work very hard, but sometimes it seems like it isn’t enough.

There are always cabinets that need to be stocked with food and health & beauty supplies. Closets that beg to be burdened with the latest fashions and styles of our friends. Walls that want to showcase our love for each other and support our decorating style. Vehicles that beg for some TLC, especially during those harsh Maine winter months that we are finally (and hopefully) leaving behind us for another season.

Among these things we want to build in time and money to give our children experiences that they will enjoy as adolescents and will have the opportunity to look back on when they are older through family photographs and albums. As a husband and a wife, we want to do all of the above and still have time to make for “us” to make sure that we don’t lose the spark we once had and still do have, but aren’t able to access as easily with the multitude of responsibilities on our plate.

I wish I didn’t have this “never enough” feeling. I don’t think the amount of time we spend together as husband and wife is enough. I don’t think we go on family trips enough. I don’t think the amount of time we spend with our children (together or individually) is enough. I don’t think we visit my family enough…. and the list goes on.

With those thoughts in the back of my mind, I really do feel that we have built a loving and warm family environment. I hope and pray that our children know how much we love them and what we wouldn’t do to keep them safe, happy and healthy. I don’t think “life” is ever enough for people. Though we may be happy with the life we have, there is always something we wish for ourselves… what is your “never enough?”

A Perfect Match


I have been teaching for 10 years. Two of them in first grade, one year in second grade and the rest have been spent in kindergarten. While each of the grades have their pro’s and con’s, kindergarten is the perfect match for me.

At the beginning of every year though, I ask myself “Why do I teach kindergarten?!” I feel like pulling out my hair! My kids leave at the end of the year leaving as independent learners and I always forget what it is like when they come in the Fall.

I really don’t wonder why I teach kindergarten. The reasons are so obvious and rewarding.

  1. For some it is their first school experience and there is so much growth to be made
  2. They are excited about learning.
  3. They forgive and forget easily.
  4. They love you even if you have to be firm at times to get the point across.
  5. Using markers is a BIG DEAL!
  6. Smelly markers are even BETTER!
  7. They have the cutest and most innocent misconceptions at times.
  8. They say the darnedest things- example: When talking about things that come in pairs during a math lesson when I first started teaching kindergarten, “Mrs. Mattice, you have two “chestesis” – It took all I had to hold it together and I quickly responded with, “Yes, you are right. I have two shoulders!” 🙂
  9. You are the “best teacher” until they move on to the next grade.
  10. It isn’t uncommon for them to pass gas on the carpet and turn and laugh to a friend. (Let me clarify that I don’t enjoy this part, but it is one of those things that don’t happen in the older grades and students just ignore)
  11. They like to give hugs.
  12. I like to give them hugs.
  13. They call me mom at times and the look of “Oh no!” is just so cute when they realize what they have done.
  14. Some forget that you have to close the door when you go potty and as I turn the corner I see little cheeks that I have to quickly respond with, “uh oh, please close the door!”
  15. They have the ability to make my days seem short or long.
  16. Most importantly, most of them love school and I love being their teacher.

Anything but that…


Puke. I. HATE. puke. I don’t know anyone who likes or enjoys it. I hate saying the word or even thinking it could be a possibility of not feeling well…

Surprisingly, when I am at school I handle it “ok”. My students tell me their belly hurts and I just ask them to try the bathroom or get a drink if they think they may need one. That it’s. Done. Fini. Usually, they don’t complain about it again or eating lunch helps them feel better.

My own kids is a different story. The minute they say “my tummy hurts”, I start to panic. Oh no! They are going to throw up. I go into instant sick mode myself. I make myself worry over something that could be as simple as just needing to go to the bathroom. Why do I work myself up to the point where I feel sick!?

I have tried to figure out why I react so differently with my kids. It isn’t because I don’t care about my students and if they are sick or not. But the only explanation I can come up with is that I don’t have to clean it up and therefore, my chances are not high of catching it?

Bless my husband. He knows I can’t handle it and will step in immediately. If one of my kids talks about a tummy ache I sleep in my son’s room. HAHA. The only stipulation is that I have to get Kenzie to sleep because if I am home she won’t sleep without me next to her, which I really don’t mind.

I hope to one day overcome my “fear” of throw-up, puke, up-chucking. Whatever it is called. Until then, I will work on my breathing to calm my fears when I hear, “uh oh, Mom. I don’t feel well…”

Things I love

I love the dark. I love watching a movie at night without lights on and snuggling up on the couch with a soft blanket wrapped around me so that just my face is visible. My favorite movies are suspense/horror movies. Although I do have to cover my face during gruesome scenes or when I think I may get jumped by something in the movie.

I love ice cream. Anytime. Anywhere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! I would love to eat it everyday but try to be cautious about not doing that. I already “pay” for eating so much ice cream while I was pregnant with my two kids. My favorite is peanut butter from a local ice cream shoppe that just opened up for the season. I have already been there twice. Or is it three times?! 🙂

I love my family. I love the vacations that I get with my children by being a teacher. I love the summer months when we can plan a trip to the zoo or water park. I love taking them new places with my husband and watching their excitement. There is really nothing like the joy of watching your children enjoy something so much.

I love fountain Pepsi. Another “no-no” like my ice cream addiction. During a stressful day I find myself saying, “I can’t wait for a big Pepsi!” Although I try to talk myself out of it as I’m driving to the store. Like telling myself “I don’t need it. I should just go home and have water.” But really, there are many things that we don’t “need”.

I love working out. Wait- my mistake. It isn’t the working out that I love. I love how I feel after working out!

Most importantly, I LOVE being a mom and a wife. It is a crazy, busy life; but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


The Friday Night Feeling


The weeks can be so long. Especially when it is also conference week. I typically look forward to Thursday nights because it means one more wake up before the weekend and family time. I don’t mind if I stay up a little longer or hit snooze on my alarm a couple of times.

There is also something about a Friday night. The feeling of relaxation and the hopes of sleeping in. Although, the 2nd of the two rarely happens with two kids who would rather sleep in during the week and be up early on the weekends. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean I have to get out of my pajamas right away!

Last night we made it a “family night”. I had bought my kids new pajamas last weekend and was waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Friday must really be the best day of the week because when we got home from school, the package was waiting for me!

We opened the package together and the shrieks that came from my children was evidence that they loved their new nighttime attire. My daughter kept twirling around saying, “Me wove it Mommy. Tank you!”17492968_10103826541427159_8916935454021150255_o.jpg Only followed by my son who initially kept telling me how much he loved his Yo-Kai jammies and that he was “so excited he could just scream”!

That was only one of the surprises we had planned for him. The other was dinner ordered in from a restaurant of his choice (Texas Roadhouse), and his Dad picking up the new movie “Sing”, which he had wanted to see since it came out on Christmas.

The night was filled with giggles and snuggles- the best way to end a long week and to start a weekend with my wonderful family!

We all know that Monday sneaks up on us way too fast. With that said, I sign off to you, with plans of making memories with my children today. ❤